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After a Stock Market Shakeout, Investors are Taking a New Shine to Solar

The solar stock shakeout that began in 2008 may be over, judging by recent Wall Street activity. Back then, industry hype had led multiple solar start ups to oversupply, expecting to cash in on a boom in consumer interest in going green and cutting energy costs. But too much of a good thing proved to be just that – too much inventory. When the economy tanked and demand faltered, many of the youn…

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Solar Panel Efficiency - Let's dig deeper.

In this article we'll dig a little deeper into solar photo-voltaic efficiency. For an introduction to panel efficiency, see efficiency here. Most people are familiar with the concept of efficiency from gas consumption statistics in cars. In the solar power world, efficiency is a measure of how well a solar cell or panel converts the sunlight that hits its surface into useable electricity. There ar…

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Military Solar Installations - Your Chance To Invest!

Aug 2013. The US Department of Defense spends around $20,000,000,000 annually...on energy alone. This is a pretty shocking sum - $20 BILLION for the light bill. Ok, they power a few things besides lights, such as major radar installations and satellite infrastructure systems, not to mention accommodation and training facilities for some 1.4 million personnel. But still. $20 Billion. Their annual e…

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Thin Film Solar - More Buyouts

GE's recent decision to exchange their thin film solar technology for a significant investment in First Solar is not the only think film acquisition event recently. Solar Thin Films, Inc., (stock market: SLTZ) is a super-green company concentrating not just on solar products but also in the areas of converting waste product into energy and better plastics technologies. To boost their solar divisio…

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Cost of Solar Energy

When deciding whether to go solar, many people hesitate because they think the solar power cost will be too high. While you do pay for a solar installation up-front, you can expect to recoup your initial expense through monthly utility savings. Once you've realized this return on investment, you will begin to save money. Our ROI calculators will show you how long it would take to pay off the cost of solar energy installation before your monthly savings begin.

ROI Calculators

To determine how much you could save by going solar, locate the past 12 months' utility bills and add up the amount spent on electricity and the amount of electricity consumed in kilowatt hours. Enter in your zip code to see a calculation of how much you could save in one year by switching to solar energy. To learn more about the savings you'll see by going solar, use a ROI calculator here.

Solar Panel Financing

If you cannot afford to pay for solar energy up front, consider solar panel financing. Pay a low up-front fee or choose an option that allows for zero down, then make monthly payments. Alternately, you can sign a power purchase agreement and pay a low monthly rate for generated solar power. Learn more about solar financing here. Qualifying solar water heaters and solar panels are also eligible for a federal green tax credit. These tax incentives are available for new or existing primary or secondary residences, but are not available for solar rentals.

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