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Military Solar Installations - Your Chance To Invest!

Aug 2013. The US Department of Defense spends around $20,000,000,000 annually...on energy alone. This is a pretty shocking sum - $20 BILLION for the light bill. Ok, they power a few things besides lights, such as major radar installations and satellite infrastructure systems, not to mention accommod…

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Thin Film Solar - More Buyouts

GE's recent decision to exchange their thin film solar technology for a significant investment in First Solar is not the only think film acquisition event recently. Solar Thin Films, Inc., (stock market: SLTZ) is a super-green company concentrating not just on solar products but also in the areas of…

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Thin Film Solar - General Electric, First Solar and Hanergy

November 2013. Looking for a good solar investment? There's an interesting venture by GE and solar panel maker First Solar. The GE machine (who have over 30 gigawatts of renewable energy installed to date) will take 1.75 million shares of common First Solar stock, in return First Solar will take o…

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Solar Energy Stocks & Investments

Now is a great time to put money into solar energy stocks & investments, for several reasons.

You may have heard that some solar energy companies, such as First Solar and SunPower, suffered serious losses in the past several years. It’s true that the economic downturn has been hard on many such companies, with a number of them actually going out of business. This has had the result, however, of reducing competition for the businesses which survived.

Companies strengthened by federal tax incentives

A second reason why solar energy investments are a good idea right now is the strong federal incentives being offered to buyers of alternative energy systems. Congress recently extended the 30% solar investment tax credit until 2016, and this extension provides some market reliability to companies that produce all sorts of solar energy components.

Strong market indicators

Due to these factors as well as the overall increasing demand for alternative power, solar-related stocks have surged forward during the past 12 months. Market Vectors Solar Energy ETF (an exchange-traded fund of solar companies) has gained 100% in the past 8 months. One of the strongest areas of the solar energy market is created by companies (such as SolarCity) which lease solar panels to consumers on 20-year contracts. This business model is very stable and investor-friendly, because the leases establish a reliable income stream for years to come.

In its report from late June 2013, the International Energy Agency states that, despite recently difficult times, renewable energy is now the fastest-growing sector of power generation, and in the next 5 years, the value of renewable power companies is expected to increase by 40 percent.