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Total cost of installed PV Solar System including Utility Incentives and Federal Tax Credit $17,985.42*

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$0 Down Lease

$ 196

15 Year Loan

$ 200

25 Year Loan

$ 200

* provides this photovoltaic solar system installation calculator as a free public service and does not warranty or guarantee the accuracy of any figures shown above for your unique situation. The calculations are based on current utility costs in your area and assume the standard 4% increase in conventional power costs per year. This is not an offer of credit. Every solar installation is unique. Federal tax credits and regional utility incentives may change without notice and finance and/or lease rates vary based on lender/lessor. Leases are subject to credit approval. For a firm purchase or lease offer on an installed solar power system a roof and home inspection is required. Complete the required fields on the next page for up to four free quotes from pre-screened, licensed, bonded and insured solar power system installers in your area.

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Our FREE solar calculator can help you determine the yearly savings you will earn when installing a PV solar system for your home. See the difference a solar system can save you over the next 25 years vs. having a fluctuating power bill every month. As fuel and power costs go up, your electricity bill will be sure to follow. Who would not like to power their home using free power that the sun supplies every day? A solar system may be cheaper then you think to install, use our solar calculator below to get started!

Why should you use solar power?

Solar energy is a renewable energy source - Currently most electricity is generated by fossil fuels that will eventually run out some day. Solar energy is a great way to replace the need for those fossil fuels as it draws power directly from the sun.

Solar Energy systems are durable - Solar panels are thick and are able to resist the elements over time. Their are also no moving parts, which reduces the chances of any power interruptions through a mechanical breakdown.

No monthly bill fluctuations - You know what your power bill will be each month, until your solar energy system is paid off. No more having to worry about an unexpected high power bill from your local utility company.

Environmentally friendly - Your solar energy system produces no harmful contaminants that will harm the environment in any way.