Solar Investing

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Given that solar energy and the entire renewable energy universe is expanding with vigor, it comes as little surprise that investors are standing up and taking notice.

For individual and institutional investors alike, public companies operating within the solar supply chain provide ample opportunities to purchase shares. And exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer broader investment exposure to solar companies within alternative energy funds and those related to sustainability. Other investment options include solar income funds, mini-energy bonds (these allow you to invest strictly in the renewable energy portfolio of a large energy company), and renewable energy mutual funds.

Solar investing

For the same reasons solar energy finds so much support from grid-scale electrical utilities and industrial, commercial and residential customers, investing in the solar industry makes sense. Solar is a limitless and sustainable energy source. Its environmental footprint is tiny compared to fossil-fuel energy sources. And solar energy can be viably harnessed at every scale in virtually every setting as advancing technology improves energy conversion efficiencies and reduces costs.

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