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Have you ever wondered why California is regarded as the best market for solar energy? The state enjoys important factors including supportive renewable energy policies and enough sunny days. Solar co ...     Read More »

Limits or Prevents Barriers to Local Solar Electricity Supply Limits or prevents government and electric utility imposed barriers to supplying local solar electricity. Local solar electricity supply ...     Read More »

Rapid economic developments in recent years have helped China to become one of the major economic powers in the world. But with development, China is also facing major challenges in the field of incre ...     Read More »

Classification Previous Efficiency (%) New Efficiency (%) Test Centre Description Si (multicrystalline) ...     Read More »

Perovskite: A Replacement for Silicon Solar Cells For decades Silicon based solar cells have ruled the PV industry, but a different crystalline material, perovskite, have recently attracted considera ...     Read More »

In 2014, New York State was ranked 7th by the amount of solar electric capacity installed, establishing enough new solar panels to produce 147.4 MW, and power approximately 25,000 homesi. This was alm ...     Read More »

A small cog in the worldwide colossus Siemens AG is a company called Marine Current Turbines, or MCT. They are part of Siemens' Ocean & Hydro Business division, and are at the front line of ocean ...     Read More »

There are some great developments in the solar toy world. The technology is scalable down as well as up, so miniature solar powered products are now commonplace, and most are great fun. Get ready to f ...     Read More »

Lowes, Home Depot, K-mart, Big Lots,, department stores, even grocery stores. They all now carry a standard lineup of solar lighting for your home's patio or pathway. Decorative lights, fun ...     Read More »

As American companies and citizens increasingly seek ways to cut costs and clean up their carbon footprints, the prospect of using solar energy to power more and more of our lives and business becomes ...     Read More »

Aug. 2013. Here's some of the coolest solar gizmos available right now. Your patio furniture may have an accompanying large sun umbrella to keep you shaded when the sun is at its hottest. But what if ...     Read More »

Rising 459 feet from the Mojave Desert floor the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is a sight to behold. Surrounded by 3,500 acres filled with over 170,000 mirrors the central tower lights up ...     Read More »

In a recent report, Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street-based multinational investment banking firm, suggests it's only a matter of time before residential solar power becomes competitive with, and ultimat ...     Read More »

A solar electric solution for your property can supply the electricity generally in one of two ways: 1. Directly into your electrical supply, via a new meter which is usually supplied by the utility ...     Read More »

For some people selecting a contractor of any kind can be stressful. There are a few key results that you want from a Solar Contractor in particular, and the following can be helpful in being comforta ...     Read More »

Everyone’s seen wind turbines – either in real life or on TV. The basic idea is that wind turns the propeller-like blades, and this induced motion or ‘kinetic’ energy is converted into electri ...     Read More »

Utility companies, farms, large industrial developments, government sites, military installations – these are the typical settings for large scale wind turbine solutions. With costs ranging fr ...     Read More »

Anyone old enough to get their head around a volcanic eruption understands that inside the planet Earth things are pretty warm. And we’ve all seen images, or been lucky enough to see in person, the ...     Read More »

So the idea of commercial geothermal technology is to pump a liquid, typically water, to warmer underground locations and return that heat to the surface where it can be put to use. Typically the proc ...     Read More »

Solar energy is great, and will slash what you pay to the utility company. But what about also cutting down your electricity usage as much as possible? A big help is right in your home if you have kid ...     Read More »

Great question!To fully answer this question you need to determine what kind of solar installation you’re considering. But basically the short answer is almost always “˜YES!’First let’s assum ...     Read More »

Many people like the idea of getting their light bill to $zero, but think that they may sell their house in a few years, so is it a good investment? Will they ‘get their money back’? Grea ...     Read More »

Photo-voltaic panels (often referred to a ‘PV’), and are made up of a bunch of photo-voltaic ‘cells’. Each cell may be a few inches by a few inches square, and is actually a very thin sliver ...     Read More »

How Do Solar Panels Get Energy from the Sun? Solar energy is renewable, environmentally friendly and, by itself, free. However, modern technology is required to convert the sun’s energy, but ...     Read More »

Many, if not most people, when they hear the term ‘solar energy’ or ‘solar power’, will probably imagine solar electric or ‘photo-voltaic‘ panels – those shiny things on house or offic ...     Read More »

There's a scene in the original Lethal Weapon movie where Danny Glover's character is outside talking with a psychiatrist back at the police precinct. He's on talking on a cell phone, and not only is ...     Read More »

She's not super sleek. She's not sexy. She's not all that beautiful. But she's cheap. Cheap to run, that is. The Ra is the passionate project of Captain Jim Greer, who has been building watercraft f ...     Read More »

Nearly five years after construction began, London's Blackfriars Bridge opened earlier today to great fanfare. Network Rail, which develops and maintains Britain's rail tracks, bridges, tunnels, level ...     Read More »

Got dreams of rolling up to the Super Bowl XLVIII stadium gates in your sleek limousine? Too bad. In fact, game-goers won't even be able to take a taxi to Sunday's big event. That's because this year, ...     Read More »

Clean water should be a basic human right. Unfortunately, in many areas of third-world countries, clean water is far more a luxury reserved for the wealthy than an accessible basic for everyone. To he ...     Read More »

Massachusetts, way up in the NE corner of the US, and a fraction of the size of most States, ranked 7th for total solar capacity in 2012, according to solar advocacy group Environment Massachusetts. A ...     Read More »

John F Kennedy International, once of the busiest airports in the world, welcomed The Solar Impulse late in the evening on July 6th, the world's first day-and-night flying solar powered aircraft. The ...     Read More »

August 2013. Previously known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is a small independent nation off the South East tip if India, and has a surprisingly complex and diverse cultural mix among its 20 million or so res ...     Read More »

The Chinese dump $30 Billion per year of solar panels into the West. The Chinese solar manufacturers are subsidized by the government there, so they can sell their products below cost and still make m ...     Read More »

Savvy shoppers of all sorts are hot on renewable energy options today. And that definitely includes those shopping for new homes. Fortunately, home builders increasingly are answering that demand. C ...     Read More »

Somalia - few people can even place it on the map. It's on the North East coast of Africa, an area commonly referred to as the Horn of Africa. Only in the last year or so has a stable federal governme ...     Read More »

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, known as CES 2014, has dominated headlines over the past week, and with good reason. It's the top platform for technology innovators to debut their latest wares eac ...     Read More »

Technicians with San Diego's Sullivan Solar Power are seeing their jobs in a whole new high-tech light by donning Google Glasses in the field. Correctly and effectively installing solar power requires ...     Read More »

Search for information on solar products and companies on the web and you can quickly drown in the huge volume of data available. So where to begin? Here's a selection of some informative places to lo ...     Read More »

The Unites States Military, across all disciplines, incorporates solar energy solutions in a wide range of practical ways. Some are obvious - solar hot water systems and photo-voltaic arrays at milita ...     Read More »

If you're considering a solar intsallation for your home or business, it's probable that you will do some research before taking the plunge. Afterall, it's likely to be a sizeable investment, so even ...     Read More »

So why is Germany leading the world in solar energy? No need to bore you with a pile of statistics (you can do your own research) but by any measurement, Germany is dramatically ahead of the rest of ...     Read More »

The IndustryThere are a handful of industries in the last hundred years or so that have increased in size dramatically over a relatively short period. An obvious example is the computer trade, with dr ...     Read More »

In 2006, brothers Lyndon and Peter Rive thought it would be a good idea to start a solar contractor business. They were right. Early efforts secured capital funding to the tune of $200 million, and a ...     Read More »

GE's recent decision to exchange their thin film solar technology for a significant investment in First Solar is not the only think film acquisition event recently. Solar Thin Films, Inc., (stock mark ...     Read More »

November 2013. Looking for a good solar investment? There's an interesting venture by GE and solar panel maker First Solar. The GE machine (who have over 30 gigawatts of renewable energy installed t ...     Read More »

Aug 2013. The US Department of Defense spends around $20,000,000,000 annually...on energy alone. This is a pretty shocking sum - $20 BILLION for the light bill. Ok, they power a few things besides lig ...     Read More »

When: November 7, 2013 Where: Webinar - online What is it? - Long term solar resource planning for utility companies in a 1 hour webinar plus Q&A. Organized by: SEPA What to expect: A detailed ...     Read More »

In an effort to boost the nation's domestic solar manufacturing and ramp up the commercialization of efficient, affordable photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power technologies, the US Departme ...     Read More »

In this article we'll dig a little deeper into solar photo-voltaic efficiency. For an introduction to panel efficiency, see efficiency here. Most people are familiar with the concept of efficiency fro ...     Read More »

Lot's of incentives come & go for different industries to promote growth & product development. The solar industry is no exception, and depending on where you live you may qualify for one or m ...     Read More »

There are many ways to answer this question, and some answers may slant the argument heavily one way or the other. Here we'll try to give you an unbiased way of looking at the issue. First, let's ass ...     Read More »

The tortoises are tucked away in the man-made dens created for them by workers of the world's newest and largest solar power plant. They don't seem to mind. So, It's looking like the massive Ivanpah S ...     Read More »

Sunpartner Group, based in the beautiful South of France, are paving the way for a revolution in photo-voltaic technology. Their view isn't to make the latest solar panels more efficient than the comp ...     Read More »

Another revolution has been sparked in Massachusetts as GMZ Energy secured series C funding of $14 million to begin production of a commercially available technology which converts heat to electricity ...     Read More »

The short answer is - it depends"¦. Often the property's HVAC system duct-work is routed through attic spaces, which, even though they are insulated to protect the house below, will still get very h ...     Read More »

Aug. 2013. If you've ever watched an episode of Star Trek, or seen one of the movies, you'll know that the crew of the Enterprise occasionally have to defend themselves in a space battle. This involve ...     Read More »

When power is at a premium, so too is a student's ability to complete homework and study; a father's ability to work and provide for his family; and a mother's ability to cook, clean and care for her ...     Read More »

Hydro-electric Power'Hydro' or water power refers to the energy of the movement of water being converted into electricity, hence the more common term 'hydro-electric power'. You've probably heard of, ...     Read More »

In 2009 Popular Science covered a story where Japanese space agency JAXA was developing technology to harness solar power from space and transmit it to Earth. What seemed like science fiction 5 years ...     Read More »

In a fervent effort to beat its 2020 deadline for getting a third of its electricity from solar and other renewable sources, California is turning to an unlikely source - a windblown desert three ...     Read More »

With over 6.6million tons of concrete & steel, a height of 726 feet, and holding back some 45,000 pounds per square foot at its base, this dam is a staggering statistical marvel of early 20th cent ...     Read More »

With the highest energy costs in the United States, Hawaii has been on the forefront at looking for new energy sources. Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO) is pushing to fast-track the construction of nine ...     Read More »

It stands to reason that solar panels are far more effective when they're clear of dirt and dust that can block the sun's energy-giving rays. But just how does one clean all those hundreds, even thous ...     Read More »

A flashlight powered by the heat from the palm of your hand? Yes really. Ann Makosinski is a Canadian student with bright ideas. Using special 'Peltier' tiles fixed to a hollow tube, she has created ...     Read More »

There's an ongoing debate over the 'best' crystals for solar panels - mono- or poly-crystalline. Basically, it's a decision of performance vs. cost. SunPower, the massive US manufacturer, believe in p ...     Read More »

From kids toys to grown-up's toys, the solar industry provides for all. Here's a look at some the best for the kids you're looking to intrigue. A 6-in-1 Solar Kit by RobotiKits is sure to impress t ...     Read More »

Just like most people today, modern soldiers are packing high-tech electronics when going into the field. Unlike most of us, however, they need to carry an average of 12 pounds of batteries with them ...     Read More »

As reported by Reuters, AT&T has sponsored the installation of the first 25 solar powered mobile device charging stations in New York. This is a rare but growing phenomenon - public demand to reso ...     Read More »

A generator provides reserve power for when your grid-supplied electricity fails - the term 'generator' literally meaning the generation of electricity. For some businesses this is a critical backup f ...     Read More »

From homes to small office spaces to large-scale factories and assembly lines, one of the most expensive challenges associated with the efficient operation of a building is managing the quality of the ...     Read More »

Whether you installed your pool after your bought your home, or it was already there, you've paid a lot of money for it. Even in warm climates the actual swim season may only be 3 or 4 months of the y ...     Read More »

This is the mainstay of the solar thermal world - a tried and tested method (in its various forms) for utilizing the sun's heat to provide hot water for your home or business. There are different type ...     Read More »

Today's solar installations are very efficient and have a long life expectancy. From solar powered hot water systems, to solar assisted Air Conditioning, to solar attic fans & beyond, it is covere ...     Read More »

There's just one problem with solar energy - you can't collect it after sundown. Or can you? Perhaps following Grandma's "waste not, want not" adage, scientists have been considering ways to accompl ...     Read More »

As you have probably learned from previous research the solar panels that will make up a solar electric solution for your home or business convert sunlight into DC, or Direct Current, electricity. But ...     Read More »

This is a bit of a technical area in the solar world, and the two terms are often confused. Here's a quick overview of what they mean, is one better than the other, and more importantly, why you shoul ...     Read More »

The demand for hybrid cars has grown at a tremendous rate since their first introduction several years ago. What began as an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has sparked a revolution in the ...     Read More »

Nearly 100 environmental activists ascended upon the southeast corner of St. Petersburg, Florida's Williams Park earlier this week, protesting the state's branch of North Carolina-based Duke Energy. T ...     Read More »

What's the difference between a Kw and a Kwh? When your local solar contractor is tempting you to buy a complete solar solution, you're probably trying to understand as much as possible before making ...     Read More »

Plymouth, Massachusetts, located to the South East of Boston on the Atlantic coast, and famous for the landing site of the mayflower Pilgrims. The school district there turned some of their focus away ...     Read More »

Exorbitant Director's salaries, bonuses, benefits, use of company vehicles and padded parachute clauses for senior VP's and CEO's. This is typical for the corporate world, but not many people realize ...     Read More »