5 Great Solar Toys for Kids

From kids toys to grown-up's toys, the solar industry provides for all. Here's a look at some the best for the kids you're looking to intrigue.

  1. 6 in 1 Solar KitA 6-in-1 Solar Kit by RobotiKits is sure to impress the budding engineer in your family. And at just $7 or so it's an amazing value. It's a 'build your own' solar kit, allowing you to create planes, boats, cars, even a solar robot dog.
  2. 14 in 1 Solar RobotHow about a 14-in-1 solar robot for less than $30! This amazing kit challenges your young mind's in the areas of scientific learning, logic and creativity. It's adaptable to different age groups, offering basic skill level challenges (like a dog bot or a turtle bot) and those requiring more intermediate to advanced skills (such as the slither bot or really cool zombie bot). The creations are powered entirely by the included solar panel, and be dismantled and reassembled as new bots time and time again. This is a lot of fun and learning for the price.
  3. Solar grass hopperAnother cool kit is the Solar Grasshopper - and at just $10 or so it's a great introduction to solar gadgets. It measures in at just a few inches long, and carries a miniature solar panel on its back which drives a tiny electric motor. The grasshopper happily moves along when put under a light source or in sunlight, and is sure to fascinate growing minds and be a conversation piece for the grown-ups.
  4. Solar hopping frogA similar gadget is the Solar Hopping Frog. Ideal for an introductory kit, having around 20 pieces to assemble. He carries a tiny solar panel on his back and hops until the sun don't shine. Not likely to turn into a Prince when kissed, but a lot of fun for less than $12!
  5. Solar toys kitRounding out this list is the great Solar Deluxe Educational Kit which combines a bunch of scientific experiments relating to green energies. There's a calculator to power, a light to turn on and a radio to listen to - all powered by solar. Also learn about electrical circuits and understand volts, amps, and power. At around $20, the challenge will not be so much in the projects themselves, but in keeping Dad from taking over the fun!