Commercial Wind Power – An Introduction

Utility companies, farms, large industrial developments, government sites, military installations – these are the typical settings for large scale wind turbine solutions. With costs ranging from several hundred thousand dollars up to $2 million or more per megawatt of installed turbines, you need to be a big player to get serious about wind power.

For example, an average sized farm may commit a half million dollars to a 100kW turbine project, but then reap the massive reward of virtually no energy bill for decades – a huge return on investment for the business.

In addition, and as with solar solutions, there are often local utility company, State and Federal incentives available for wind power installations. These can hugely affect the return-on-investment math, making the decision easy for any cash-flow-positive business model.

Wind is becoming a more viable option due to the dropping prices of the turbines and their installation. Since 2008 prices have dropped by more than 1/3, creating fast growth in the US and abroad. This has prompted big investments from utility companies looking to supplement current supply and eventually move away from burning fossil fuels to create electricity.

So we have an idea of who may use wind power turbines, but who makes the stuff, and who installs it?

Aeronautica Windpower LogoThis is a surprisingly robust and growing business, with some great US manufacturers supplying US contractors for installations right here in North America. Aeronautica Windpower, out of Plymouth, MA, manufacturers mid-scale turbines for businesses across the US. They started up in 2008, and service the niche between large-scale utility turbines and smaller domestic solutions. This means they provide just 3 products – a 225kW, a 500kW and a 750kW machine. Each designed to be quiet, ultra-efficient and long lasting, with minimal maintenance, and with options to finance or lease. Read more about them here

Wind turbines sunsetAnemometry Specialists, based in Alta, Iowa, is a family owned and operated business running successfully for over a decade. Their dedicated team installs and maintains wind turbine equipment, with over 1700 towers built to date. (Anemometry is the measurement of wind speed and direction). They also provide test equipment to assess your location for suitability for wind turbine installation – an important step before making such a big investment. Check them out here