KB Homes Champions Solar Power in Arizona

Savvy shoppers of all sorts are hot on renewable energy options today. And that definitely includes those shopping for new homes. Fortunately, home builders increasingly are answering that demand. Case in point - Los Angeles-based KB Homes. The company recently announced that buyers of its homes throughout the Grand Canyon state now can choose a solar-powered home.

Combined with all the same energy-efficient features already included in all ENERGY STAR-certified new homes, solar power will allow KB homeowners to save upwards of 80 percent on energy costs compared to typical resale homes.

Solar power already is offered in multiple KB Home communities in California, Colorado, Nevada and Texas. The company estimates that the more than 2,200 existing solar KB homes collectively help save their owners more than $1.5 million annually on electricity. That figure is based on estimates that, at current residential electrical rates, a 3-kilowatt high-efficiency photovoltaic installed on a 2,768-square-foot ENERGY STA- certified Phoenix would yield average energy savings of $216 per month compared to a typical resale home without these features. That's a savings of approximately $25,000 over a decade. Plus, homebuyers choosing solar systems may also qualify for a 30% federal tax credit and another $1,000 from the state of Arizona.

"There is no better time to purchase a solar system than when the home is being built," said Matt Brost, director of sales at SunPower, the firm that provides solar panels for KB Homes. "Savvy homebuyers today understand the return on investment that a high-quality, solar-powered new home delivers."